Terms and Conditions

Terms and condition:

  1. Name of the competition: “GCIT 2nd Foundation Cup”
  2. Mode of competition: League/knock-out basis.
  3. Knock-out round: During the knock-out round if the match ends in a draw with or without goals, extra time of 5 minutes, or depending on referee’s decision will be played. Still if the match remains draw the kicks from the penalty mark will be taken to decide the winner.
  4. Registration of players: Registration maximum of 18 players excluding team manager who cannot be active. Registration can be done with their recent photographs, id no. with their signature. The registration forms must be submitted to the organizer latest by before the first match. Registration after the dateline will not be entertained.

  5. Entry fee: 10,000/- Non-Refundable).
  6. Team Uniform: Uniform should have numbers with contrasting colour on their jersey. The players must wear same coloured uniform, shorts and stocking, except for the goal keeper who will wear different coloured uniform than the other players. Players must wear the registered jersey number throughout the competition. If two teams have the same colour of jersey we will toss and bibs will be issued to the losing team. Player’s equipment i.e. shin guard, footwear and full stocking is mandatory. No jewelries will be entertained. The under garments and long sleeves must be of same colour.
  7. Duration of the match: Each match will be played for duration of 90 minutes. 45+10+45. There will be no extension of time.
  8. Substitution: Total of five substitutions will be allowed during each match, but with prior registration of those players in the starting list before the match starts and handed to the fourth official. Substitutes whose names are not registered will not be allowed to play.
  1. Winner can choose to kick off first or to choose side.
  1. Substituted player MUST leave from nearest point of boundary line/ must leave from where the referee has directed to go from.
  1. During the wall kickers team mate must maintain 1 meter away from the defending wall.
  1. Once the ball is kicked and clearly moves players can play the ball inside penalty area, now no need to leave PK area. 
  1. Technical area: Only the registered manager and the rest registered substitutes must remain within the technical area and must behave in a respectable manner. Please Note that No outside guests will be entertained in the technical area. 
  1. Awarding Points during league round
    i. 3 Points for the winning team
    ii. 1 Point for a draw match
    iii. 0 Point for a match lost.
  1. Deciding the winner: in the event of two or three teams tie with equal points the following procedure will be implemented
    i. Head to head
    ii. Number of goal difference
    iii. Number of goals scored forwards
    iv. Number of cards.
    v. Kicks from the penalty mark if the teams involved are still on the field.
    vi. Toss of coin is Optional (During PK)
    vii. Walk Over: Team must report the venue before the time. Any team not reporting on time will be given WALK OVER with 3 points and 3 goals.
  1. High Scorer: High scorer shall be counted only during the league round.
  2. Discipline Matters: (cautions and Expulsions)

A player who receives two yellow cards shall automatically be suspended for the next match to be played, following the match in which he receives the second caution. If a player is expelled from the field of play, he shall be suspended for the next match. Any misbehavior and violent conduct committed by the players in or outside the field of play will be dealt by the disciplinary committee.

Note: Substance abuse like alcohol, Doma, drugs and smoking in and around the field of play will not be entertained, if found the concerned player will be suspended from playing for the particular match and the matter will be forwarded to the Disciplinary committee for necessary action.

Protest: Protest shall be first submitted in writing to the tournament Chairman, the President of GCIT, within one hour after the match and followed up immediately with a written report with valid reasons accompanied by a fee of Nu. 1000/- (One thousand). No protest will be made against the referee’s decisions regarding facts connected with play, such decisions being final. Once the final match of the competition has ended, any protests described in this article shall be disregarded.

Laws of the Game: The Laws of the game formulated by FIFA will be strictly applied.

Fair Play: For the promotion of football in the Community as well as in the kingdom, all the team Managers, Coaches and the players are requested to behave properly, play the beautiful game of football and promote the sportsmanship and FAIR PLAY.

Reminder: Organizer will not be responsible for any casualty regarding the health or death concern during the entire tournament.

Members of discipline Committee.

President                (Sports Chairman)
Lhundup Dorji         (Dean of student Affairs)
Kezang Namgay     (Sports Committee)
Dorji Wangchuk      (Sports Committee)
Tshering Dorji         (Sports Committee)